Supervisor Benoit’s Sky Valley "Dog Camp" Update for July 25

I am writing to inform you of a development in the case of Mary Bernadette Schwenn and her Sky Valley property.

This morning Ms. Schwenn was arrested on new felony animal cruelty charges.  As of noon, Riverside County Department of Animal Services officers have impounded 10 dogs there.  The arrest follows daily visits by Animal Services to the property and extensive efforts by numerous county departments.

Attached is the official news release from Animal Services.

Also, Riverside County Code Enforcement was out there today issuing notices of violation for excess outside storage, rubbish and junk vehicles.

My priority all along has been to protect these animals and prevent Ms. Schwenn from getting more.  Today’s arrest and resulting seizure of her dogs is a monumental step towards this goal.  However, we know that this case is ongoing until the final judicial outcome.

Thanks to all of you who became involved and helped push this issue forward.  Your genuine concern for all animals is to be commended, and I hope we will see closure soon.  I will continue to send you updates.


Chairman, Riverside County Board of Supervisors
Supervisor, Fourth District

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