City of La Quinta

The City of La Quinta, Gem of the Desert, is located in one of the most magnificent places in the world. Nestled at the foothills of the Santa Rosa Mountains, it boasts enchanting scenery, perfect weather, world-class events, and the finest amenities. A dedicated group of leaders, residents, and business people contribute to the city’s success.

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City Hall

Mayor: Linda Evans
78-495 Calle Tampico
La Quinta, CA 92253


Post Office: 79-125 Corporate Center Dr. 
Fire: 760-564-2122, 760-564-4351 or 760-345-7663
Police: 760-863-8990
Library: 78-275 Calle Tampico 760-564-4767
Museum: 760-777-7170
Parks: 760-777-7090

City of La Quinta Demographics

Please click the link below to access the 2012 Riverside County Progress Report prepared by the Riverside County Center for Demographic Research.
City of La Quinta Demographics

Chamber of Commerce

78-275 Calle Tampico
La Quinta, CA  92253


73-710 Fred Waring Drive, Suite 222, Palm Desert, CA 92260 | Phone: 760-863-8211 • Fax: 760-863-8905