Desert Center, Lake Tamarisk and Eagle Mountain

Lake TamariskIn the center of the Fourth District are Desert Center, Lake Tamarisk and Eagle Mountain. Desert Center is at the crossroads of Interstate 10 and State Highway 177, and things get pretty busy on the weekends as travelers to the Colorado River stop in for gas and refreshments. Lake Tamarisk is a surprising oasis just north of Desert Center, complete with 9-hole golf course, clubhouse, lake, fire station (staffed 24/7 with paramedics) and library. The social scene gets very active during the winter months. Eagle Mountain, which flourished for decades as the “company town” at the foot of the Kaiser iron ore mine, is very close to a ghost town with the cessation of mining operations back in the 1980s. That doesn’t keep the movers and shakers from attempting to attract job and revenue-producing enterprises, and those enterprises keep giving Eagle Mountain a look.


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