News Release


Mar 24

"Reverse 911" a Safety Net for Riverside County Residents

Technically, it’s called the “Riverside County Early Warning Notification System,” but some people call it “Reverse 911.”

By whatever name, it gives Riverside County residents an extra layer of security should an emergency occur. It is used to alert and warn the residents of a targeted area in the event of a small to medium size emergency, such as wildfires, floods, hazardous materials spills, severe weather and more.

The system allows three county departments, Fire/Office of Emergency Services, Sheriff and County Health to warn up to 250,000 residents per hour of an emergency situation. If no one answers the call, the EWNS will leave a message. It is also capable of leaving messages in Spanish.

Since the emergency 911 database only includes the addresses of land line telephones, other numbers—notably cell phones—must be registered to be notified. If the EWNS becomes operational in your area, your home phone number will receive the call . . . and, if you’re registered your cell phone to that home phone number/address, your cell phone will also receive a call.

This system is fully functional now, and your land line home phone is already part of the system. If you’d like to also register your cell phone, click here: More Info/ Registering.