Benoit Resolution Commemorates ‘Spirit Of ‘45’ Day

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Jul 22

Benoit Resolution Commemorates ‘Spirit Of ‘45’ Day

RIVERSIDE – Riverside County Supervisor John J. Benoit will present a measure at the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday to commemorate “Spirit of ’45 Day,” recognizing the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Grant Gautsche, assistant director of Riverside County Veterans’ Services, will accept the resolution, and World War II veterans are invited to attend the 8:30 a.m. presentation.  Supervisor Benoit’s resolution observes “Spirit of ’45 Day” on the second Sunday in August, which this year is Aug. 8.

“Riverside County has been blessed by the contributions made by service members who called this area home at some point during their World War II service,” said Supervisor John J. Benoit.  “This resolution recognizes the courage, dedication, sacrifices, and accomplishments of the ‘Greatest Generation’ in celebration of the 65th anniversary of the end of the war.”

On August 14, 1945, Americans learned of the Allies’ victory, marking the culmination of an unprecedented national effort that defeated the forces of aggression, brought freedom to subjugated nations, and ended the horrors of the Holocaust.

Riverside County is home to many military facilities that played an important role in World War II.  The General Patton Memorial Museum east of Indio memorializes Camp Young, the headquarters of the multi-state Desert Training Center where Patton trained more than a million men for combat in North Africa.  The March Air Force Base served as the home base for many aviators and bomber units.

In addition, Camp Haan, Camp Ono, Camp Anza and Ryan Air Attack Base served as training grounds for tens of thousands of soldiers.  The VA’s Riverside National Cemetery, home of the National Medal of Honor Memorial, the National POW Memorial, and the Veterans’ Memorial, is the final resting place of many World War II veterans.

“Keep the Spirit of ’45 Alive,” a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization has called on governments across the United States to establish a national day of remembrance commemorating the end of World War II on the second Sunday in August.  Currently there are measures before Congress (H. Con. Res. 226) and the California Legislature (ACR 166) to support the observance of “Spirit of ’45 Day.”

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