Benoit Statement on Elimination of Redevelopment Agencies

News Release


Dec 29

Benoit Statement on Elimination of Redevelopment Agencies

PALM DESERT – Supervisor John J. Benoit offers the following statement on today’s California Supreme Court decision eliminating redevelopment agencies:

“Today's ruling means a virtual halt to the county’s best efforts to assist our most needy communities. Low and moderate income housing projects to replace substandard conditions will be the first victims. Basic community improvements from paved streets to sewers will not be funded. Boys and Girls clubs, volunteer medical clinics, libraries and such, are now out of the question.

“Redevelopment, which allowed communities to keep and locally manage a small portion of our property tax revenue, has been killed. Governor Brown's efforts to protect those special interests most instrumental in his election victory are the clear winners. Once again the state bureaucracy and spending are protected by stealing from local government.”

RDA has been an essential tool in the county’s efforts to eradicate blight and create safe and livable communities. Riverside County’s Redevelopment Agency was the largest in the state, and the vast majority of its projects were located in the Coachella and Palo Verde Valleys. Over the past decade, RDA funding allowed the construction of over 6,000 low to moderate income housing units. It also allowed the county to partner with community groups like the Boys & Girls Clubs, medical volunteers and the Parks and Recreation districts, leveraging RDA funding to provide much-needed and appreciated community benefits.

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