California Bio-Mass Agrees to Changes to Minimize Odor Impacts from Liquid Waste

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Jun 19

California Bio-Mass Agrees to Changes to Minimize Odor Impacts from Liquid Waste

THERMAL – California Bio-Mass, Inc., a Thermal-based agricultural recycling and organics company, has agreed to reduce the amount of grease waste it accepts and to make other changes to its operation, as the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health continues to investigate odors affecting Trilogy residents in south La Quinta, Riverside County officials announced Tuesday.

The changes were proposed by Supervisor John J. Benoit and the Department of Environmental Health as part of their effort to pinpoint the source of odors residents have complained about recently. The Trilogy development abuts unincorporated rural land in Riverside County that is home to cattle and horse ranches, a goat farm, date palm farms and other agricultural operations.

“We are optimistic that these changes will decrease odors originating from this facility,” said John Watkins, deputy director of Riverside County’s community health agency. “We benefit by working with a responsive company willing to cooperate to address this real problem.”

California Bio-Mass will enhance its odor impact mitigation plan and agreed Monday to reduce grease trap waste and grease water by 25 percent along with other odor minimizing modifications, such as eliminating the use of grease water for dust control and capping the top of the dirt pile that received grease waste on the southwest side of the facility.

“We are working through these issues diligently with the community and with our local regulatory agencies,” said Michael Hardy, president of California Bio-Mass, Inc. “These measures reflect our company’s approach as a responsive and responsible neighbor.”

California Bio-Mass is in ongoing conversations with environmental health on other changes.

The environmental health department and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) started receiving odor complaints from Trilogy residents in November. The AQMD has committed its scientific expertise, resources and fieldwork to investigate the source of odors and coordinate interagency inspections. No health hazards have been indicated by the odors.

The environmental health department and AQMD will monitor the implementation of these changes and continue their field presence and investigation.

Residents are encouraged to call California Bio-Mass via their toll-free line at 888-399-7220 or email at and AQMD’s 24-hour complaint line at 1-800-CUT-SMOG (288-7664) to report odors as soon as they are detected.

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