John Benoit Sworn in as County’s Fourth District Supervisor

News Release


Dec 02

John Benoit Sworn in as County’s Fourth District Supervisor

The County of Riverside has five Supervisors again.

Importantly, the huge Fourth District of the County now has representation on the dais in Riverside, after a vacancy which stretched from the resignation of the late Supervisor Roy Wilson in late August until this week.

Benoit had been appointed to fill the seat by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Nov. 4. He delayed taking the seat (and vacating his 37th Senate District post) until this week, so that a runoff election for his successor in the Senate could be combined with June’s statewide primary election.

It’s estimated that Supervisor Benoit’s delay could save taxpayers well over $1 million.

Former Rivco Presiding Judge and 4th District Court of Appeals Judge Douglas Miller performed the swearing in ceremony, while Benoit’s wife Sheryl held a bible.

In his opening remarks after being sworn in, Supervisor Benoit was both somber about the current economic climate and enthusiastic about the future. He noted that the current philosophy of constructing public works projects at a time when construction bids offer the taxpayer the best bang for the buck while at the same time employing hard-hit construction workers is a solid one.

Promising the bad economic times won’t last forever, Supervisor Benoit said the desert region must position itself to take full advantage of the opportunities ahead, especially in the field of renewable energy.

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