Coachella Valley Water District issues Stormwater Alert

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Dec 07

Coachella Valley Water District issues Stormwater Alert

With rain and thunderstorms pelting the valley today, the Coachella Valley Water District is reminding everyone of the potential danger when water flows down the Coachella Valley and Whitewater River stormwater channels.
A number of roads cross the stormwater channels, so it's important for drivers to understand that as little as 2 feet of water can cause a car or truck to lose traction and float downstream. Drivers should always obey law enforcement-imposed road closures and detours.
CVWD's 50-mile stormwater channel carries mountain runoff and rain from the Whitewater area north of Palm Springs all the way to the Salton Sea. West of Washington Street, it is called the Whitewater River Stormwater Channel because it follows the natural path of the Whitewater River; To the east of Washington Street, it's called the Coachella Valley Stormwater Channel. The two sections were built separately, but they form one cohesive channel.
The water district also reminds residents that if enough rain falls to irrigate landscaping, turn off your sprinklers as a way to help conserve water.
CVWD is a public agency, governed by a five-member board of directors, that provides domestic and irrigation water, agricultural drainage, wastewater treatment and reclamation services, regional stormwater protection, groundwater management and water conservation across 1,000 square miles, primarily in Riverside County but also in portions of Imperial and San Diego counties.
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