Fifty Dogs Impounded in North Shore Animal Services Sweeps

News Release


Feb 03

Fifty Dogs Impounded in North Shore Animal Services Sweeps

NORTH SHORE – In an effort to improve the safety of neighborhoods, county animal control officers conducted two early-morning sweeps that resulted in the impound of 50 dogs in North Shore.

After observing many dogs running loose in the unincorporated community, the Riverside County Department of Animal Services organized a sweep on Jan. 17. Officers impounded 37 dogs during that operation. Officers collected 13 stray dogs during the follow-up sweep on Tuesday (Jan. 31).

A total of 19 citations were issued for various violations, including failure to license pets, non compliance with spay, neuter and vaccine requirements, and allowing pets to run at large.

County animal service officers will continue to monitor the area.

Roaming dogs in North Shore are an ongoing concern that Animal Services is working to address, but the department needs the community’s help to report. Animal Services staff emphasize the importance of calling the Coachella Valley Animal Campus, 760-343-3644, to report issues in the community, such as roaming animals and vicious dogs. An operator is available to assist callers, including Spanish speakers, and after-hours.

In September 2015, a dog attack in North Shore took the life of a resident and injured another resident. Animal Services responded with two sweeps, in which officers impounded dozens of dogs, and heightened enforcement of county ordinances to make the community safer.

To further alleviate the problem of roaming dogs, the department has brought a spay and neuter bus to Mecca on a monthly basis since October 2015. Utilizing grant funding, the department provides spay and neuter services and vaccines for animals up to 50 pounds at no charge to residents of Mecca and North Shore.

The mobile spay and neuter bus is scheduled to visit Saturday, Feb. 25 at the Mecca Family Service Center & Community Health Clinic at 91-275 66th Avenue, Mecca, CA. Residents of Mecca and North Shore must call 951-358-7335 to schedule an appointment, or send an email to to request to be contacted about this program.

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