Road Repair Projects Begin This Week in Coachella, Thermal

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Sep 25

Road Repair Projects Begin This Week in Coachella, Thermal


THERMAL – Riverside County and the City of Coachella are working jointly to fix two miles of deteriorated roads in Coachella and the Thermal community.

Construction began this week on the 52nd Avenue and 54th Avenue Resurfacing Projects. The road repair projects will give residents smoother and safer roadways when completed by early November.

“These roads are in poor shape, with cracks in the pavement and at the edges, making them rough to drive on,” said Supervisor V. Manuel Perez. “These projects restore these roads to levels that community members can be proud of and appreciate. We expect to have many more projects to improve pavement conditions throughout the county as we continue to invest in our infrastructure.”

The 52nd Avenue Resurfacing Project will rehabilitate a segment of Avenue 52, from Fillmore Street to 0.38 miles west of Fillmore Street. The 54th Avenue Resurfacing Project will rehabilitate a 1.61-mile segment of Avenue 54, from Harrison Street to Grapefruit Boulevard.

The work consists of grinding and compacting the existing asphalt surface in place to be used as a base material for paving. The road base will be topped with a thick layer of rubberized asphalt. This will give the roads a new long-lasting pavement.

The Riverside County Transportation Department is managing both projects, with significant funding from the City of Coachella for the portions that are within the city’s jurisdiction. The city’s contribution, approximately $1.25 million, covers 62 percent of the costs for the projects.

“The City of Coachella is very excited for these two projects that will repair Avenue 52 and Avenue 54. Pavement rehabilitation is necessary to maintain safe travel and enhance the quality of life within our community. By partnering with the County of Riverside, the City is able to save money and expedite project delivery,” stated Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez.

The construction will be done by Hardy and Harper, Inc. of Santa Ana, which was awarded the construction contract for both projects, in the amount of $1,647,904. After the city’s contribution, the remainder of the funding is from the county’s SB 1 funds, generated from the gas taxes and vehicle registration fees paid by motorists.

The construction activity will be phased to keep the roads open as much as possible during the construction period.

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