County Reports Completion of Clean-Up to Thermal Property

News Release


Jan 10

County Reports Completion of Clean-Up to Thermal Property


THERMAL – A 31-acre vacant lot in Thermal that had large piles of green waste, tires and rubbish has been cleaned up. The owner’s clean-up efforts bring the parcel into compliance, reducing blight and the fire potential.

The clean-up was completed after the property was referred to the Riverside County Combustible Materials Taskforce. The taskforce inspected it, found it to be in violation and issued a cease and desist letter.

The taskforce is comprised of the Riverside County Code Enforcement Department, Riverside County Fire Department, Riverside County Department of Environmental Health, and the Riverside County Office of County Counsel. The departments are working to identify properties in the county’s jurisdiction with green waste and dumping and expedite clean-up of these high priority areas.

“This is a major clean-up and a victory for all,” said Supervisor V. Manuel Perez. “It is our goal to get areas with mulch and trash and tires cleaned up quickly. The taskforce is a new partnership we have formed in order to focus on this.”

Approximately 500 tons of material were removed from the property, private land located along Avenue 52, west of Fillmore Street, in the community of Thermal.

To refer a property to the taskforce for inspection, contact the Riverside County Code Enforcement Department at 760-393-3344.

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