March 27 Coronavirus Update from Supervisor V. Manuel Perez

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Mar 27

March 27 Coronavirus Update from Supervisor V. Manuel Perez

Dear Fourth District and Riverside County residents,

I just thought I’d check in and provide an update on a few of the different efforts that we’re conducting as the County of Riverside to combat coronavirus.

As of the start of today, we have 151 cases throughout Riverside County and, unfortunately, eight people have passed away.  To the family and friends of those who have passed, our condolences go out to all of you.

Once again, it is very important that we do everything we can to continuously distance ourselves from others by six feet and, if possible, to really stay at home, where it is safer to be.  Ultimately, that’s how we will curtail and be able to mitigate and suppress the coronavirus.

This is also needed to protect first responders and workers on the front lines serving.  Thank you to everyone who is working through this crisis.

We know, in the week ahead, that more cases are coming.  We continue working to get as ready as possible for the incoming medical surge.  There are several breakthroughs we’ve made that are encouraging.

This week, the California National Guard arrived to the Coachella Valley to assist the operations of FIND Food Bank and set up a mobile hospital at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio.  This 125-bed federal medical station has all the equipment to run a basic hospital for stable, less severe patients.  The purpose is to allow greater capacity at local hospitals to respond to the needs of more critical patients.  It is expected to be up and running in 10 days.  Another 125-bed federal medical station will come to a second site to be announced in western Riverside County.

While working from the East County Emergency Operations Center in Indio, I have observed that our entire county family is on the same page working together in this effort.  I have been working alongside our newly formed Riverside County Cares initiative, which has been a significant component of the county’s overall coronavirus response.  The response team’s major areas of focus are in coordination and troubleshooting, particularly around issues of testing, acquisition of personal protective equipment for health care personnel and first responders, and community engagement with local jurisdictions within Riverside County.

I am proud to see everyone coming together every day to beat this virus.  I know that we can.

We have been in tough situations in the past, perhaps not as tough as this one, but we are resilient.  Riverside County is resilient.  I believe in Riverside County, I believe in our communities and I believe in all of you.  Let’s continue to have faith in one another, be compassionate, and continue working together so that we can beat this virus.

V. Manuel Perez
Chair, Riverside County Board of Supervisors
Supervisor, Fourth District

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